​​ Shawn Te​resa Flanigan, Ph.D​​​​​
Researcher and Educator 

Professor, School of Public Affairs
San Diego State University

I am deeply interested in how vulnerable populations go about finding the assistance they need, and how individuals  and organizations provide that assistance.

I am an in​terdisciplinary social scientist trained in public administration and policy. 

My research focuses on ways in which health and human service needs of minorities, low-income populations, and other marginalized groups are addressed by state and non-state organizations in the developing world and in the United States.

My teaching focuses on supporting students and stakeholders to engage in effective program design, policy development, and advocacy for  more just and equitable communities.  

Contact information:

San Diego State University
School of Public Affairs
5500 Campanile Dr. MC 4505
San Diego, CA 92182 USA

phone: 01-619-594-4339